When simplified, the message is more on point

Listening to a podcast last night about a woman opening a startup marketing office brought clarity to some thoughts on how to create lasting content.

As she describes in the podcast, for her first client, she had no plan and no process to carry out to reach her ultimate message.

Feeling unprepared, she just started talking to the client, asking questions, some boring, some insightful.

After an hour of just talking, no planning, no idea pitching, just listening, she knew what she needed to know: the mission of the business and its people.

Everything else came easier after that.

They didn’t need a fancy plan with multiple steps. To know what to say, you must first listen to the obvious, the boring, the passion, the inspiration.

And then, simplify.

In ‘Make it Stick,’ the authors – Chip Heath and Dan Heath – underscores this message through an anecdote of presidential candidate Ronald Reagan. They had a detailed economic plan they wanted to feature, something that would show they have a better plan than his opponent. But they couldn’t get into the details. Too dense.

They kept talking, kept listening, and finally, came upon this: Are you better today than you were four years ago?

It was simple. It stuck. It may have won him the election.

Will you listen, and will you simplify? When you do, your impact will grow.

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