Simple themes to live by from the ‘… Do More Good’ book

I wouldn’t have read Get Big Fast and Do More Good if it weren’t for the last phrase of the title – ‘Do More Good.’

We can all do more good in our work, based on Get Big Fast and Do More Good by Ido Leffler and Lance Kalish.

So, along that theme, here’s a few highlights I remember:

  • Pick a really great name. It has to matter, and it has to be clear, and if your concept/project/idea is going to last, the name should be made to last, too.
  • Be better at maneuvering than your competitors. This means not rushing to spend cash to fix everything, or to better market your idea. Dig deeper, get creative and be different.
  • Make your idea human. It’s created by humans, and for humans, so the concept should have personality.
  • Determine how you will stand out. One of the more memorable episodes of The Profit for me is a watch company, where a portion of each sale went to a nonprofit cause. Without that, it’s just another watch company. So how will you stand out?

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