Ways to strive for an in-trepreneurialist spirit where you work now

In my mind, content marketing and entrepreneurialism are strongly linked. For my work in school public relations, I strive for an in-trepreneurialism spirit: maximize creativity within the organization you work for.

So I seek out books like The Hockey Stick Principles by Bobby Martin. It’s about the key stages of developing a business. I replace business with idea or concept, and try to apply them to my professional or personal work.

Here are some concepts:

  • The idea isn’t yours alone. You will always have competition. But what you do with your idea separates you and your idea. So do something great with it!
  • Learning is more important than knowing. Learning is more important than knowing. So share, accept advice and learn. You will not out-know what you can out-learn.
  • Launch small, correct, then launch a bit bigger, correct again. Launching in the wrong track requires more time to correct.
  • Have a purpose. It’s not about the idea or concept. It’s about the relationship-building that you can do with the content or product. So focus on the relationship with your audiences.

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