When your tweets are surrounded by other great tweets

School PR professionals aren’t competitive for market share, typically. We are competing for a share of time.

Every one of our social media posts are bracketed by posts from another source who is equally trying to be entertaining and informative.

People also jump in and out of their streams throughout the day. Here are strategies that can help you compete for people’s attention:

  • Plan out a schedule of social media content so you are consistently ‘present’ in the streams. Crowdsourcing can help generate enough content to fill a social media calendar.
  • Re-posting content with new teasers, headlines and pictures can share messages with a larger audience and reinforce audience awareness with a newer audience.
  • Be live! Make sure your live videos are both engaging and immediate, the two most critical elements of live video.
  • Be bolder. Take risks with photos (think zoom, motion, filters) and eye-catching graphics and numbers. Feature great quotes.
  • Create video content that owns the first 5 seconds.
  • Use captions or explanatory text in videos to allow non-listeners a chance to engage in the same content.
  • Experiment with free audience targeting on Facebook. Showcase the projects in the greenhouse specifically to those in your audience who ‘like’ green, environmental, agriculture and similar keywords. This audience is more likely to ‘like’ the content, which can help further organic reach to their like-minded network.
  • Make it a habit. Take a few minutes each day to ask yourself about what content you can share, and when is the best time to share.

Competing for eyeballs and time doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but it is worth making the effort to grow your existing audience with existing content.

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