It’s not just about the content, but the inclusiveness of students sharing their viewpoint

Empowering your students to create social media content can have huge benefits for the students themselves.

The trick is the technology that allows all students to safely contribute items to the school social media ‘que’ so that you and other staff members can easily approve.

(To be clear, no student should EVER have password access to a school’s social media account.)

First, by opening this up to all students we are creating a huge web of inclusion. All students, even the shy and reclusive, will have an equal chance to submit content from their point of view.

Some students will immediately feel a stronger attachment to the school knowing they helped promote it on the school’s account. It doesn’t take much more than that to improve student attendance, behavior and participation.

  • This content can help inform everyone from other students to parents about the classes and activities available to them in school.
  • These posts could help drive awareness and even attendance at theater and music events.
  • Students can showcase the posts in college applications and job resumes.
  • They could even submit content to the que as apart of a class ‘exit ticket’ or other assignment.

There are tremendous benefits to the students in allowing all students the chance to fill up your content drafts.

And after all of those student benefits, you are left with more content from the eyes of those with the best viewpoint in school: that of the students.

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