How to get audience to ‘hear’ the fight song in today’s social world

While watching Monsters University recently, I was reminded how much I love the drum line-style music in the soundtrack.

These drum-line bits and school fight songs will serve you well as you get ready to welcome students and staff to school.

For larger school districts, promoting the various high school Facebook pages and other social media channels with their fight songs is a natural way to grow your audience. School fight songs should be part of your audio content strategy.

It’s easy for alumni to ‘Like’ such a post, which creates a quick-moving, mini-viral video for a short time.

It’s easy for school spirit to ratchet up a bit when current students and staff hear it.

The challenge is this: how do you make people ‘hear it’ in today’s world of quick-scanning, no headphones, volume-off listening audience?

Play around with a few ideas, see which one performs the best, and start tapping into their school spirit!