A note on that Facebook profile photo

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 2.08.27 PM Changing your profile photo on your Facebook page can have a nice impact.

Although not many people may see it on your actual page, it will appear in the time line and it serves as notice that one content chapter might've ended, and another one is beginning. Or you might just be changing the profile photo because it's time. Choose wisely.

Here are some ideas of when to change photos:

  • Every time it is "week of…" something. School lunch week, custodian week, substitute teacher week, principal week, and so on. These are easier to create ahead of time, and then schedule a reminder for yourself. If you do nothing else that week to celebrate those "weeks," you will at least have done that. (You could also schedule this in Facebook are the normal photo, and then when you see that photo you can prompt yourself to change the profile photo.)
  • Have a big theater performance coming up? Create a cool poster-style design with the title and dates and times.
  • Student artwork is a natural here, especially if it's the right shape.
  • Cool short videos, and they don't have to be overly produced. Yes, more and more Facebook pages are allowed now to post videos in the profile area. Some resizing might be required.
  • If it's homecoming week, it is natural to change this image.
  • Any themes that you wish to promote throughout the year. These could be over arching theme is for the entire school district, or upcoming community meetings that you feel are important for your families to know about.
  • And, of course, general branding. You can see in the image above that simply branding your school can be a good use of your creativity.