When the ‘consumption brain’ gets in the way of the ‘creation brain’

Turning your eye away from consumption and toward creation can simplify even the most impressive videos.

I recently watched a college’s football pump-up video and came away impressed with the quick turnaround and production value. I re-watched it though, with an eye for creation, and not just consumption. Here’s what was actually in the video:

  • music (pre-selected)
  • Graphics (branding, pre-selected)
  • Transitions (prepared and pre-selected)
  • Video clips: putting on helmet, walking onto field, feet moving, hands pushing blocking sled, throwing the ball, more feet, catching a ball, coach and player, and you get the point.
  • They knew what they wanted, they filmed those scenes and more, but had a purpose. A purpose creates clarity during the most work-demanding projects.

Note the number of items that were or can be pre-selected.

If you get 10 ‘football’ scenes of 3 seconds each, you have yourself a nice 30-second pump up video. Much simpler, still effective!

You can apply this ‘football scenario’ into just about any ongoing story.

The next time you see a video you really like, turn off your consumption brain, and use your creation brain to see how simple you can create similar videos.

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