Zachary J Baehr

Campaigns and Strategies

Changing the storytelling culture of organizations!

For most of my career, I’ve been writing stories and creating content that grow awareness of an organization. That means using my journalism skills to uncover and share an interesting story, then creating content to drive traffic and promotion: written stories, graphics, photos, videos, and podcasts.

Work Experience and Campaigns

Produced 77 podcasts featuring the stories – and voices – of students and staff;

Started ‘Why I Teach’ campaign to promote the teaching profession;

Developed ideas for Live Streaming videos to personalize elected officials;

Took lead role in creating standards and training for video board at football field;

Carefully and successfully used humor on social media where appropriate to develop ‘the voice’ of the school social media accounts;

Overhauled monthly newspaper to grow advertising base and make it financially feasible, developed themes for content, developed kid-friendly activities and converted to full color;

Publish magazines from front to back, with stories, graphics and photos;

Created two fundraising campaign themes including web, postcards, social and video;

Created plan for capturing ‘teacher of year’ announcements in classroom to then showcase the real-life emotions of award winners;

Overhauled school newsletter to improve and modernize reader experience while cutting expenses;

Led initiative to redesign school website in full, including creating all pages, content, layout, schemes for desktop and mobile-friendly options;

Started niche email strategy to capture attention of various audiences with content specific to their interests;

Believer and user of closed-captions on videos where available to help those who need it, and keep attention of those tempted to scroll by on social media;

Became a sought-out consultant for those looking to grow their digital presence

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