Zachary J Baehr

viva event cristo rey

VIVA! event celebrates school


Every year, ¡VIVA! raises much needed funds for the Annual Fund of Cristo Rey – helping to fund everything from financial aid for students to faith formation programs. 
Cristo Rey Jesuit High School
- Chicago, Ill.

Events are super important for the interpersonal connection of your parents, benefactors and alumni. You know that loved, fulfilled feeling you want all your benefactors to have? Events can do that simply by allowing your fans to see their friends and acquaintances in a fun, festive setting. And for a great cause!

A few general rules I’ve learned from others:

  • Get as close to your fundraising goal before the event actually starts, but have something planned to generate more fun and funds once they’ve arrived and have enjoyed your delicious meal.
  • Tease out part of the fun and excitement through email and social so people have some idea of what to look forward to and expect when they arrive.
  • Have somebody assigned to gather 10-20 short video clips that will work as a highlight video … and next year’s promotional video.

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