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No, don’t worry, I’m not asking to swap links. I’m here to share them, one way, for free (unless you want to share your sources of inspiration with me).

First, a book – The Passion Economy
Author Adam Davidson (Planet Money and other things) goes into great detail on people and their businesses to uncover what makes their career more of a life, and less of a job. Honestly it’s hard for me to read this all at once because I want to stand up and say, ‘Why can’t this be me!’ and then I struggle a bit trying to narrow the passion into a true life-line that pays. (This email helps!)

Second, a podcast. Side Hustle School
Podcaster Chris Guillebeau is a master of finding interesting side hustles and calling attention to just a few specific key points in about 10 minutes. And he does some form of this – along with regular advice – daily! It’s impressive. 

Google Doc via Twitter (yeah, I know, right?) – Praytell
My good, good friend Andy started this company in NYC, and lately they’ve been super helpful identifying and sharing trends in marketing on a daily basis. Definitely worth a look.

Again, if you have a great book or podcast or great social follow, reach out at Thank you!



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