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Why Content Monster can work for you

Imagine when you will have more content for:

  • Facebook (and other Social Media channels)

    More likes, comments and shares on interesting, relevant content leads to larger audiences and improved branding

  • Magazines & Brochures

    Better content about the people your serve leads to more eyeballs and better understanding of your organization

  • Emails, Websites and Blog

    Fuller, richer online publications and emails that people actually want to read, and search engines want to rank

Legendary Ideas with Content Monster 1

Picture your media channels filled with these stories

High Schools & Colleges

  • Stories from Seniors about their favorite memories of high school and their future plans
  • Have teachers share their stories and passion for why they became a teacher
  • Upperclassmen can provide advice and tips for incoming freshmen
  • Ask parents to share their advice on surviving and thriving with their students in school

Alumni Offices

  • Ask young alumni in college to provide an update on what school projects they are doing and advice for future college students
  • Ask college students about how their experience in high school still impacts them in college
  • Have alumni provide their favorite job interview questions, and what they look for in a new hire

Sports Teams & Conferences

  • Student-athletes can share why being a multi-sport athlete benefits them
  • Ask about how their team approaches leadership and team unity

We know what you are thinking:

"Couldn't I just
do this myself?"

Well, maybe, but you probably aren’t doing this now, and certainly not to the level you would like. We know you don’t have extra hours to create 25 graphics for social media or design 20 pages for publication, even though you know it would be a huge boost to your marketing plan. So we become the not-so-secret potion that helps you become a Legendary Content Monster!

It’s not just about the content; it’s about the time you don’t have to create that content.

Social Media Content

We gather the content,
but how we present it is …

Up to you!

Social-friendly graphic for each response

You receive ready-to-publish graphics to drop into your content calendar

Stories and photos for your website

You receive stories with the necessary HTML formatting ready to copy-paste and an web-ready image

Blocks of print content

Tell us the size of the page or space in your newsletter or magazine, and we'll design to fit.

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