Features and prices below are for individual physicians. Need a clinic or network-wide approach? Provide a few details and we’ll customize a solution for you. 

Physician Branding

Share your story with current / future patients and their families
$ 997 / 447 Setup + Monthly
  • Setup / Update Facebook Page and Instagram
  • Create & Publish 10 new graphics a month (branded)
  • Repost with varied timing and copy based on results

Physician Networking

Share professional advice and content
$ 997 / 447 Setup + Monthly
  • Setup / Update LinkedIn and Twitter profiiles
  • Create & Publish 10 new posts a month
  • Reposted based on results

Additional Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing

Branded emails with your personalized content, sent to addresses you already have an new ones we can help collect. (No personalized medical information.) 

You pick frequency:

  • weekly – $749,
  • bi-weekly – $549,
  • monthly – $249.

Video Marketing

Video ‘selfies’ where you record, we edit and add branding, and publish to your chosen social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or LinkedIn; based on base package(s) you choose from above).

$139 per video, with additional costs possible if social media channels need to be created.

Paid Digital Marketing

Develop a marketing campaign – or two, or three! – to reach targeted audiences that match your strategy and message. You pick the platform(s) (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook/Instagram, YouTube) .

$249 per campaign launch, plus 10% on advertising cost (minimum $500 per month).

SEO Boost

We’ll use a variety of tools to analyze and improve your search engine visibility, and give you suggestions for website improvements  (i.e., keywords, structure, content, etc.)

$4,559 per year

About Website Design

Occasionally, a website overhaul or redesign is prudent to improving search engine optimization, but we understand sometimes that is not possible depending on the practice arrangement. If a website is needed, pricing depends on features and content. In other words, ask us! We’re happy to assist.