Zachary J Baehr

Promoting teachers summer adds personality, understanding

Our teachers are busy during the summer, and that doesn’t have to mean they don’t have down time. There are ways to develop content that highlights teachers as both professionals and as people. You may not get a lot of immediate responses as teachers are less likely to check email every day during the summer. But sometimes these responses will pique your interest and should be turned into a larger presentation: story, multiple photos, interviews for video or podcast, or a story idea to tuck away for the upcoming school year.

Ask your teachers what hobbies, vacations and books they enjoyed, the summer job they take on annually, and ask them if they attended a conference, re-worked curriculum or a lesson plan, or took their own courses to further their education. Likely, you’ll find a wide-array of responses that you can share with your audience that will add another dimension to your teaching staff.

This is one way to develop content during a slower content time, but adds depth to the professional development and interests of your staff and faculty.

If you are in a smaller organization, seek out just the few that you know are attending a conference, or studying for an advanced degree. Share those stories with the rest of your staff (part of your internal communications plan, right?) and encourage anyone you might have missed to let you know what they have been doing.

Generally you can display the responses on a single page, featuring short-ish answers and a photo, and promote a few different times in your different social media channels and in a school newsletter. This is especially helpful during the waning months of summer content drain.

Ultimately, promoting teachers is great for celebrating staff accomplishments and building public trust in your staff.

If you need help gathering and preparing this information (especially in larger organizations), that’s the specialty of Content Monster. Check out the plan options.

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