Zachary J Baehr

Starting a legendary content journey

You know how dreams are often confusing and you can’t quite explain them. That’s because your mind fast forwards or outright skips parts of the dream. With your dreams of awesome content strategy (and most other real-life dreams), there is no fast-forwarding, no skip button. Just small steps lined with hard work. Small steps … for big dreams.

What’s here

  • Tips for developing a content strategy
  • Advice for questions and interviewees
  • How to connect the two

And what’s not

  • How to post,
  • when to post,
  • where specifically to post.

I use school / school district / organization interchangeably, and you should, too, when reading. In most cases, you can substitute company / nonprofit / public sector department to apply it to your work.

From Day One

New to your communications post or not, let’s consider today as Day One.

If you want to have a great content strategy for your school or organization, it starts with knowing exactly what your school’s goals are. And that means exactly. 

If your governing body (like a school board) doesn’t have three or four main goals for the year ahead, then your school is officially direction-less. Seriously. How does staff know what to emphasize, what to cut, what to add, what to even say about their school’s future?

So the first piece of content you need is an official school strategy. Don’t have one, ask. Ask your boss. Think you know what the unofficial goals are? Tell your supervisor what you think the school’s strategic plan entails, based on what you know so far, and see if they agree.

School principals should also have a strategy for the school year, and this may very well – and very well should – fit into the school district’s overall plan.

Once you have this, you are ready to begin. Let’s be legendary! Let’s be Content Monsters!

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