Skills that lead to Results

For most of my career, I’ve been writing stories and creating content that grow awareness of an organization. That means using my journalism skills to uncover and share an interesting story, then creating content to drive traffic and promotion:

  • written stories
  • graphics,
  • photos,
  • videos, 
  • podcasts.

Changing the culture through storytelling

In previous roles, I’ve initiated changes in storytelling and marketing, which led to cultural shifts for the organization. From my Masters degree in Leadership (thesis: Unlocking Innovation in an Organization) to my certificate in Strategic Innovation and Marketing, I’ve blended expertise and creativity that leads to sustainable growth, and not just for growth’s sake. My work to grow website traffic has led to starting and building up online donations, and boost the publication perception of an organization that helps with awareness, passage of school bond issues, and an increase in public support. 

What I can do

  • Create strategies that reach the right audience in the best medium,
  • create the content in various forms (graphics, podcasts, videos, magazines, etc.
  • launch social media, email, web and print campaigns,
  • create podcasts from the pre-interview to production to publication,
  • build a new website or add a blog to an existing site.

Campaigns & Strategies

Produced 77 podcasts featuring the stories – and voices – of students and staff

Started ‘Why I Teach’ campaign to promote the teaching profession

Overhauled monthly newspaper to grow advertising base and make it financially feasible, developed themes for content, developed kid-friendly activities and converted to full color

Created two fundraising campaign themes including web, postcards, social and video

Led initiative to redesign school website in full, including creating all pages, content, layout, schemes for desktop and mobile-friendly options


Paid Social

Social Media



Web Design



Print Products