Zachary J Baehr

Content Experience

Web Design

Matching Audience and Content

Create a clear, compelling design that matches user experience and your best content.

Key Advice: Be realistic on how much content you can generate to keep the site fresh, but don’t settle for the same images and messages throughout time.


Short, Clear and Compelling

Ultimately every piece of content requires solid writing in the form of storytelling. 

Key Advice: Turn a phrase, mix short and long, write often and cut a little, and leave a twist for the end to keep your audience hooked.


Short, Clear and Compelling (again)

The bar for online video has been lowered, but you need to strive to be above the fray and make people stop scrolling and clicking.

Key Advice: Use closed captions and great video in the first 3 seconds to get people interested, and a short, compelling story to keep them interested throughout.


Launch and Production of Podcast

Allow others to tell their story (and yours!) in their own words. Seek out guests that offer something you don’t, and prepare with questions to ensure a great conversation.

Key Advice: Look for key quotes to break out for use in promotions on social media, whether in still graphics, print or animation.


Photo Worthy

Develop an archive of photos, use them in graphics, with quotes, stand-alones, as videos, slideshows, social media galleries, and more. Then … take more photos. And share!

Key Advice: Faces are key. Let the faces in the photograph tell key parts of story.

Social Media

Share and Let Share

Using social media to amplify your story is obvious, right? Yes, but what you are sharing is critical in overcoming the mass of messages your audience is already seeing.

Key Advice: Standout with great videos and photos that highlight real people, not just products.

Print Products

Putting Print in Hands

Newsletters, flyers, postcards, magazines. They still have their own way of getting in front of an audience. Capturing the attention of your audience is still the challenge and the fun.

Key Advice: Develop an upbeat mix of stories and promotional messages that give people a reason to pause, read and think.


Product + Brand

Sell products and raise money for a cause with an online store.

Key Advice: Create swag and products that people want, and make the online experience simple with tried-and-true online vendors.

Paid Social

Expanding Reach

Boost posts and buy ads on social media to reach targeted audiences.

Key Advice: Test posts organically first to see what generates the most engagement, then boost the best content.

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