I love content.

I love to help small organizations have an out-sized presence by using content to tell the story of the organization, and I have helped with content strategy and development for newspapers, nonprofits and schools. Using social media, websites, emails and more, I hope to create a compelling narrative for organizations.

I have worked for newspapers (print and digital), nonprofits and government organizations, always focusing on content development. And I try to do all this with an in-trepreneurial mindset, meaning from within an existing organization.

My passion is brainstorming new ideas for organizations to tell their stories in a variety of ways, and I strongly believe in idea application: borrowing from the creativity of others, and applying it to whatever project fits best.

I’ve won national awards from a school communications association, with honors in digital media, print publication and podcasts.

I live in Lincoln, Neb., with my wife and two children, and enjoys discussing technology, politics and episodes of The West Wing.