Zachary J Baehr

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Seasonal photo shoots

Social Media

“We love our campus in bloom 🌸”
St. Francis DeSales High School
- Columbus, Ohio

With changing seasons, photo opportunities represent themselves! Taking regular and ‘routine’ pictures of your campus can pay off in several ways.

  • It’s easy and efficient work.
  • It serves as a timeline cleanser so to speak.
  • It engages readers by making it easy to click through the photos before moving on.
  • These photos can be used throughout your website, newsletters and magazines. I also use these when promoting stories on social if the story doesn’t have a natural photo, or on our events calendar if it’s better than showing nothing at all.
  • There are ways to involve students in this effort, perhaps through a class or club.
  • It’s not cost prohibitive to turn these photos into wall art that doesn’t have to last for forever in your hallways, and our phones can take high-quality photos that can easily be turned into 12-inch by 12-inch portraits to help beautify your school.

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