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Video on Mission

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“The mission of Bishop Rosecrans High School is to provide a community in which all can live and grow in faith, scholarship, and service following the teaching of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.”
Bishop Rosecrans High School
- Zanesville, Ohio

Each school should have one core video that features its students and staff talking about what they enjoy about their school. Line up their best answers on video, then reach into your archives or grab new footage from the school day to serve as b-roll (video that appears over the top of a talking head). It doesn’t have to have of the highest creative value to be effective. Overly produced videos can add style or flare, but they can also distract from the voices of wisdom. Production-wise, a simpler and more straight-forward approach makes it less daunting and easier to re-produce the video every two years. Create one core video to let your school shine through the voices and faces of your students and teachers.

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