Zachary J Baehr

History provides context and content to strategy

What parts of your school and campus have a unique place in history, or tell a story of alumni?

Creating content doesn’t have to involve a major effort. In fact, one of your communications strategies could be to educate (or remind) people of the history ingrained into your organization. Who is this wing named after? What about the chapel? Who is being honored with this named scholarship or award?

The University of Illinois is a great example of historical fact that fans can ponder, remember and share. It’s a source of pride, I imagine, and when you content can create an proud, engaged audience, you are doing quite well.

Compile a list of items, add them to your website, and include a way for people to send you suggestions to add to the page. Then each item can be shared through your regular email and social media channels. They can also serve as great fillers for a newsletter or magazine you produce.


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