Zachary J Baehr

School-year countdown starts with planning for year ahead

Lists work on the internet, even though some of us might disdain this ‘dumbing down’ and ‘click-bait’ approach. But the school-year countdown can contain real news and updates that are helpful for families to know.

How many new items can you think of for your school? Imagine counting down the final seven weekdays before the school year begins, and maybe #5 is “Five new courses offered this year at Lakeside High School,” and #3 is ‘Principal Jones’ 3 favorite places in the school,” and #2 is “Two new pieces of playground equipment for this school year,” or something similar. Have fun with it. 

The school-year countdown, if done well, is not ‘dumbing down’ at all; instead it’s a helpful resource for parents and students. Then, as a PR pro you’ll know to take the next step: jot down any story ideas that come from the list, such as the new classes.

Some more ideas:

  • How much more square feet
  • Number of new teachers
  • New desks
  • New menu items
  • Updated computer devices

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